Break Away

From addition and start living life

Enjoy Life

Find hope and inspiriation from friends and through Christ.

Discover Hope

Realize that life is what you make it and find your way through friends or the church.

Be a Hero


We are currently giving presentations all over NC and SC. The Be a Hero Program is designed to focus on the Dangers of Driving While Impared, Addiction and Depression in and around your community. This program encourages you to take a hard look at what you let influence you. People places and things that have become a mainstay in our ordinary life which for good or bad we unknowingly allow in our life. It teaches the Signs, Symptoms and Proceedures to look for and put in place to help ourself and the ones we love.

Appropriate Venues

Celebrate Recovery
Pre-release Centers
Detention Facility
Youth Groups
Recovery Centers
Mens groups
Juvenile Centers
Group Homes
Neighborhood Associations
DWI Education

Please email us to schedule a presentation or to discuss how we can develop one for your

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