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Find hope and inspiriation from friends and through Christ.

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Realize that life is what you make it and find your way through friends or the church.


About The Rescued

hppic1The Rescued seeks to provide educational and emotional support, financial support, and to provide treatment options to individuals and their families. The Rescued was founded in 2007 and became a non-profit organization in March of 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Decisions regarding treatment care often must be made by other family members. Family members are often faced with the decision of treatment options while their loved one is unable. We want to be a resource for education and options when the addicted or depressed need help.

The Rescued intends to provide educational support through the development of resource programs that will encompass numerous aspects that the addicted and their families will encounter as they begin recovery. Information regarding health insurance, work stay, health care providers, financial resources, support groups, etc. will be developed and provided to.

As The Rescued grows and engages in fund raising activities, a long range goal is to have the means to provide financial support to get treatment for the addicted and/or their families. People are not prepared financially to deal with the extraneous costs associated with additional health care needs and loss of income due to the inability to work during recovery These additional expenses not covered by health insurance providers if they have insurance at all need to be addressed.

The Rescued intends to advocate on behalf of the addicted by supporting and encouraging them. We believe that the knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ and having a purpose greater than one’s self, our needs, wants and desires is the answer. Encouraging the addicted to be of service to the community and to testify of their life changing experience will have a profound effect on them and others.

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